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    Learning Seed Case Study: From Zero to Crowdfunding Site—Built in Two Sprints

    From Zero to Crowdfunding Site—Built in Two Sprints

    Written by Tucker Andrews on Jul 26, 2016

    How we helped a startup called Learning Seed quickly build and launch a fundraising platform.


    Introducing Our New Techsperts Blog Series

    Introducing Our New Techsperts Blog Series

    Written by Tucker Andrews on Jul 21, 2016

    We’re launching a new tech-focused blog series, which will include topics like our solution for repeating dynamic placeholders on Sitecore, tips for responsive HTML emails, and the CMS basics for complex vs. simple layouts. Stay tuned!


    Digital Download: Micro-moments

    Digital Download: Micro-moments

    Written by Katlyn Droke on Jul 19, 2016

    Get a digital download on “micro-moments,” what Google calls intent-rich moments when a person turns to a device (usually mobile) to act on a need—to know, go, do, or buy. They are SMALL interactions that can have a BIG impact on user experience and purchase decisions. 


    Digital Download: Pokemon Go! (How to Take Advantage of the Trend)

    Digital Download: Pokemon Go! (How to Take Advantage of the Trend)

    Written by Katlyn Droke on Jul 11, 2016

    Get a digital download on “Pokemon Go,” and learn how your brand or business can take advantage of the hot new app that’s burning up the digital atmosphere and phones alike.


    What It’s Like To Be a Brand’s Power Player

    What It's Like to Be a Brand's Power Player

    Written by Katlyn Droke on Jun 28, 2016

    An interview with one of our developers, Chris Berg, who also serves as a power player (or MVP) for Texas Instruments.


    Email Marketing's Comeback: Optimizing Your Email Marketing Strategy

    Email Marketing's Comeback

    Written by Christen Daniels on Jun 15, 2016

    Learn why email marketing is not dead and how you can optimize your email marketing strategy to leverage available technologies and tools. 


    What You Need to Know About Google Analytics 360 Suite

    What You Need to Know About Google Analytics 360 Suite

    Written by Chad Olsen on Jun 14, 2016

    Google recently launched a new suite of tools to help marketers seamlessly integrate data into their marketing campaigns. Read on to find out what those tools are and how they can help your business.


    10 Things Learned at the Squares Conference

    Written by Sarah Keane on May 24, 2016

    “What is Squares? It's a three-day gathering of techies from around the world. Learn from leaders, designers and innovators in both the non-profit and tech community. It's a great place to mingle with others who share the same passions you do.”



    User Testing or A/B Testing: Which is Better? (Hint: Use Them Both)

    Written by Katlyn Droke on May 18, 2016

    User testing and A/B testing: both are great methodologies for determining the impact of user experience design, and each has its strengths. We know this isn’t a provocative headline, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Read on to find out why.


    April Fooled: Our Take On April Fools' Day Pranks Thumbnail

    April Fooled: Our Take on April Fools’ Day 2016

    Written by Katlyn Droke on Apr 7, 2016

    We share our point of view (and if we think they pass or fail) on some April Fools’ Day ads that caught our eye.


    Getting Nerdy For UX: Accordions, Menus, & Icons

    Getting Nerdy For UX: Accordions, Menus, & Icons

    Written by Wes Royer on Mar 29, 2016

    Does your office have weighty discussions about the finer details of UX design? At Create Digital, we can’t help it, but that’s why clients love working with us. Here’s a peek at just one of those nerdy moments.


    Get a Digital Download on Instagram's New Algorithmic Feed

    Digital Download: Instagram's Algorithmic Feed

    Written by Brad Perry on Mar 23, 2016

    Get a digital download on Instagram’s new algorithmic feed, including Creator perspectives on the implications of this new change.


    Get a Digital Download on Virtual Reality

    Digital Download: Virtual Reality

    Written by Katlyn Droke on Mar 16, 2016

    Get a digital download on virtual reality, including Creator perspectives on the rise of this new technology.


    Applying Marketing to Education with Kendall Morris at SXSWedu

    Applying Marketing to Education with Kendall Morris at SXSW

    Written by Christen Daniels on Mar 3, 2016

    We’re excited to announce that our CEO, Kendall Morris, will be speaking at SXSWedu this year. See what she’ll be presenting.


    Get a Digital Download on Facebook Reactions

    Digital Download: Facebook Reactions

    Written by Katlyn Droke on Feb 25, 2016

    Get a digital download on the new Facebook Reactions, including our perspective on the new functionality.


    2016 Best Places to Work

    Create Digital Makes The List

    Written by Create Digital on Feb 11, 2016

    2016 Best Places to Work in Virginia


    CreateJoyRVA Community Thumb

    #CreateJoyRVA Delivers Comfort & Joy to RVA

    Written by Emily Jasper on Dec 17, 2015

    These RVA all-stars are lending their unique talents to #CreateJoyRVA to spread the word, share art, ring bicycle bells, and more!


    Get on the Nice List with #CreateJoyRVA

    Written by Emily Jasper on Dec 4, 2015

    You love RVA, we love RVA, let’s spread the love this holiday season by creating a little joy. We’re paying it forward and creating joy with good deeds of every size and we want to inspire others to do the same. Join us for #CreateJoyRVA and together we’ll make a greater impact.


    Beyond The Bucket: Amazing UX ... At A Chicken Shack?

    Written by Kristen Duke on Oct 27, 2015

    Why would a fast food chain swing for the fences with an impeccable, new online experience? Our UX Architect deconstructs the possible reasoning and shares some tips.


    Introducing Hearing First

    Written by Create Digital on Oct 7, 2015

    Create Digital is proud to present Hearing First – a virtual connection point for families and professionals to improve outcomes for children who are deaf or hard of hearing through Listening and Spoken Language (LSL). Check it out at!


    CD Streamlines SharePoint with Akumina

    Written by Kent Brockwell on Oct 2, 2015

    While Microsoft SharePoint is a very popular platform for content and document management, it’s admittedly not the most user-friendly system, especially for non-developer, non-IT users. That’s why Create Digital is happy to announce a new certified implementation partnership with Akumina, a software and web solutions company focused on improving the way clients use SharePoint.


    Social Communities - The value of meaningful human connection

    Written by Kent Brockwell on Oct 1, 2015

    When it comes to creating and managing social communities, striving for an authentic human-to-human connection should be a foundational aspiration. If your social community isn’t performing at the level you think it could, or if you’re starting a new community, we review some questions you should be asking yourself.


    SXSW 2016

    Written by Create Digital on Aug 11, 2015

    Create Digital submitted 6 workshop proposals to the 2016 SXSW Interactive Conference. Find your favorite, and help us get selected by voting!


    10 Things That Buyable Pins Could Monetize

    Written by Katlyn Droke on Jun 24, 2015

    In just a few short weeks, Pinterest will be implementing "Buyable Pins". This creates a huge opportunity for many brands (not just for consumer goods ones), so we illustrated 10 Pins that could benefit from that new blue price tag.


    Winner: Create Digital is highest ranked ad agency in the Richmond Sterling Workplace Awards!

    May 7, 2015

    Guess who just got 7th out of 70+ workplaces and No. 1 for New Ideas for the Richmond SHRM Sterling Workplace Awards? That's right, we did

    Winner: Create Digital earns 2 Awards of Excellence from the Communicator Awards!

    May 1, 2015

    When the 21st Annual Communicator Awards rolled around, we were hoping to bring home more of those lovely statues to match the ones on our awards shelf---and we did! See the work that won: 


    -FiOS HalfFast Holiday

    Breaking the Bullseye - Part 3 l Tone Down the Targeting Creep-Factor

    Written by Emily Jasper on Apr 27, 2015

    Personas and targeting go hand-in-hand with the white glove experience brands want customers to have. But predictive marketing can lead to the wrong kind of buzz. 


    Winner: Create Digital awarded Best of Category at AIGA Richmond!

    Apr 17, 2015

    2015 has been good to Create Digital already! We took home several awards from the AIGA Greater Richmond Awards for Design Excellence 2015. The #Techoration campaign was awarded with Best of Category, followed by two Certificates of Merit for FiOS Fast Draw and #HalfFast Holiday.

    Winner: Create Digital brings home 4 more Richmond Ad Show cannonballs!

    Apr 10, 2015

    Once again, we were recognized at the Richmond Show for our work! Three campaigns brought home several of those glorious cannonballs. Check out the work that won: 

    -FiOS Fast Draw

    -FiOS Techoration 

    -FiOS HalfFast Holiday

    Breaking the Bullseye - Part 2 l Composing a Creative Ad Budget

    Written by Emily Jasper on Apr 9, 2015

    At this point, you should have the personas, stakeholder sign-off, and an engagement plan with small variations that keeps production manageable. Now what? 

    It's time to think about targeting and your budget. 


    Breaking the Bullseye - Part 1 l When Marketing Gets Persona

    Written by Emily Jasper on Mar 25, 2015

    Problem: You want to authentically engage with a variety of customers, but your boss claims messaging to all of them is time consuming and expensive. 

    You're not alone. 


    Southern States Digs in with Create Digital

    Written by Kent Brockwell on Mar 19, 2015

    It's time to roll up our sleeves and harvest a bumper crop of winning digital ideas. Create Digital has a new official partnership with Southern States, one of the nation's largest farm supply and service cooperatives. Create Digital will be creating a new digital strategy for Southern States, including a five-year plan for its digital future, as well as fully integrated overhaul of the co-op's internal and customer-facing digital strategy. 


    Amplifying Altruism at Oberkotter

    Written by Kent Brockwell on Mar 19, 2015

    Create Digital has a fantastic new client: Oberkotter Foundation -  a passionate organization devoted to improving listening and spoken language opportunities for children who are deaf or hard of hearing. We're supporting the foundation with an engaging new website and a new digital strategy that will serve both families and professionals. 


    It’s Liberty Tax Season at Create Digital!

    Feb 10, 2015

    Liberty Tax Service has selected Create Digital to deliver some social media swagger during the 2015 U.S. tax season. Based in Virginia Beach, Liberty Tax Service is the fastest-growing tax preparation franchise in the U.S. and has prepared almost 16 million individual income tax returns since being founded in 1997. 

    Attack Ads - the Best Jabs of 2014

    Written by Tyler Erickson on Dec 31, 2014

    These brands know how to throw a punch. Who won the attack of the ad brawl this year?


    Finding the Social Writing 'Tweet' Spot

    Written by Nikki Madures on Dec 29, 2014

    A tweet writing guideline.


    Community Managers as Part of a Retention Strategy

    Written by Linda Sellers on Nov 20, 2014

    Consider it relationship management that keeps customers as just that...customers


    Copywriting: Dead, Alive, or Somewhere in Between

    Written by Nikki Madures on Nov 18, 2014

    While it may be dead to some, it's possible that it's evolving into something new - thanks to social media. 


    Create Digital Celebrates Halloween

    Written by Nikki Madures on Oct 31, 2014

    Cobwebs, Candyland, Campers and more make this party a howling success.


    The Scary Side of Social Media - The Agency Search

    Written by Linda Sellers on Oct 28, 2014

    Choosing your agency is a bit like navigating the haunted house at a pumpkin farm in the middle of the night with no flashlight.


    The Benefits of Social Customer Service

    Written by Tyler Erickson on Oct 23, 2014

    What makes customer service so much more success through social platforms? 


    What Not to Say to a Community Manager

    Written by Alisha Ward on Oct 20, 2014

    Things people say to Community Managers when they try to explain what they do for a living


    Are you celebrating #SocialMediaBlackoutDay?

    Written by Nikki Madures on Oct 14, 2014

    Can you shut down your social media for one day? It may be harder than you realize.


    Does Ello Suck on Purpose?

    Written by Linda Sellers on Oct 7, 2014

    The self-described "anti-Facebook" platform is not as robust or user friendly as we might expect a beta program to be. Could that be intentional?


    CREATORS' PICKS - Favorite Facebook Pages

    Written by Linda Sellers on Sep 29, 2014

    Which Facebook brand pages make you want to follow and engage with the brand? It probably depends on why you want to connect with brands on social platforms in general. 


    Examining the Selfie Trend

    Written by Katlyn Droke on May 13, 2014

    By now, we all know about the infamous "selfie" trend, or the idea of taking a photo of yourself. It feels newish, but the idea has been around for centuries. Yes, centuries. Technically, a self-potrait is a selfie, and people have been painting themselves for years, haven't they?